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Google Reviewers

I went through divorce and the house was awarded to me. Refinance the house was a headache . I found Alec and everything change he provided me with great excellent service during the process of refinancing my mortgage. Alec explained everything in detail and provide me all the information about documentation that i needed to refinance my house. He helped me to get lower rate with little cost. He was professional and friendly with me in every step during the process. To be honest without his guidance I could not have completed the refinancing process, Alec is an exceptional loan officer. - Ana Flores , Google Reviewer

Alec help me with my loan when I first got the house in 2018 he made it easy for me to get my paperwork in order and was always polite. I refind my house twice and he was the one I called got mr to lower my payment twice. Thanks Alec. - Crystal Castellanos , Google Reviewers

Alec was very professional through the whole process, an very thorough even under tensed deadlines. Would recommend to anybody. - Alicia S , Google Reviewer

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