Referral Partners

Frequently, industry professionals like Real Estate Agents or Tax Advisors refer us people who are in need of assistance in obtaining a mortgage. At Approve Los Angeles we understand the importance of not only giving that person the ultimate mortgage lending experience, but also the importance of protecting the relationship between that client and the person who referred that client to us.


This is why for those industry professionals who do refer us, new clients, we provide frequent updates on the status of that person's transaction, without disclosing any of their personal information. We work in conjunction with our referral partners and are committed to working as a team to ensure that we provide the client with the best service, and most benefit possible.

Davi Nogueira Real Estate:I've worked with Alec in a few transactions before, he has a great work ethic and will work hard to meet his customers' needs. Alec is a great resource to have in the lending industry

Jorge Sandoval Vicente:I have worked with Alec on what will probably go on to be his most stressful deal. We worked together to help our client, in their very specific needs. It is great to know that when the going gets tough, you have a good teammate like Alec Oesterreich on your team. Definitely recommend him.